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3 Simple Ways To Beat Stress

If you’re struggling to focus, it may just be that you’re stressed. You may not realise you’re stressed though, until you have identified with a few telltale signs which are outlined in this article. This excerpt called 3 Simple Ways To Beat Stress is from Yahoo Lifestyle and is well worth a read. Some telltale signs examined are an inability to stop shopping, making snap decisions, a loss of interest in sex, eating lunch at 3pm and being exhausted but not being able to sleep.

Exercise To Help Relieve Insomnia 3 Simple Ways To Beat Stress

1. “Don’t avoid fat,” counsels nutrition therapist Sue Zbornik. “Just choose the right type.” Essential fatty acids are important for brain function, especially mood regulation, so incorporate good fats into most meals. “It’s as simple as adding an avocado to your sandwich and flaxseed oil to your salad dressing,” says Zbornik.

2. “If you know you’re about to enter into a stressful time, start taking vitamins B and C,” suggests performance coach Bev Carter. Vitamin B offers protection from adrenaline overload and keeps you brimming with positive energy more consistently throughout the day.

3. “If you’ve been frantic all day, you can’t expect the body just to shut down and go to sleep,” says psychologist Melissa Podmore. “You really need to start slowly moving into the restful state a couple of hours before bed.” So turn off the TV, switch off your mobile and run a bath – the change in body temperature will also help trigger your sleep hormones, helping you to get the best rest possible.

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I was quite surprised to see that exercise wasn’t incorporated in these 3 simple ways to beat stress. If you read the whole article you’ll have seen that the author does talk about exercise in the 5th “Red Flag” regarding stress leading to an inability to sleep. Exercise is highly recommended to incorporate into your daily routine in some form or other. The benefits are enormous as it helps to burn off that relentless energy that can keep you awake and it of course releases the happy hormone, endorphin (as well as a million and one other benefits). As a previous insomniac, I can wholly relate to the importance of exercise if you are unable to sleep. But don’t go  for hours in the evening as that will get the adrenaline going which is exactly what you don’t want!


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