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10 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp

10 Ways To Keep Your Brain SharpNo matter what age we are, we need to look after our brains. Our brain is a very important organ! Here are 10 ways to keep your brain sharp. Hopefully you’re as unsurprised as me to see that ‘Stay active’ is the first piece of advice. When we do aerobic exercise our blood volume to the brain increases which encourages neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells). More benefits are below. Did you know that by eating small and frequent meals is also good for your brain? Here a low glycemic diet is recommended but it’s not actually mentioned that the key fuel for our brains cells is glucose – and glucose comes from carbohydrates. A high glycemic diet and sugary snacks can cause all the energy to flow from your brain – ever experienced that low after a chocolate bar or sugary drink?

10 Ways To Keep Your Brian Sharp

Stay active.

Regular aerobic exercise gets blood flowing to all parts of your body, including your brain. A daily cardiovascular workout can improve the way you feel and think as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can increase brain volume and the white matter that aids connectivity between brain cells more than those that involve stretching and toning. Thirty minutes of strenuous physical activity three or four times a week should be enough to keep both your body and your mind in shape.

Eat small, frequent meals.
You already know how consuming a huge meal in one sitting makes you feel tired and sleepy, but did you know it may also affect your brain function? Your brain needs a regular flow of energy, and for that you should eat several small meals per day that are high in fiber and have moderate amounts of fat and protein. This low-glycemic diet is broken down more slowly by the body than one that’s high in processed sugars and starches.

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I think it’s too easy to take our health for granted. Our bodies require movement to survive – they were designed to move. ‘Reduce Stress’ was mentioned here if you read the whole article. Stress actually causes your brain to shrink. Exercise is the no. 1 method for emotional renewal according to Tony Schwartz who wrote The Power Of Full Engagement. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the best stress buster there is. So if stress is dangerous for our brains, the best way to avoid that damage is to exercise. Not only that but exercise slows down the rate at which your hippocampus shrinks (the part responsible for memory). Last but not least, it’s also the best productivity enhancer I’ve come across.


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