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10 Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals

This post is for those who may be struggling to lose weight – as you may have guessed from the title. I’ve changed the title of this article from  ‘The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You Can Make’ to 10 Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals – for two reasons; 1) It fits the subject area of this site better, 2) I’ve given the title a more positive spin. This is an excellent article from Psychology Today written by Sherry Pagoto, Ph.D. She explores 10 reasons why essentially a lot of people fail with their weight loss goals. I’ve excerpted 3 of my favourite points. Read each of them and put your positive spin on them as you feel fit to help you reach your weight loss goals – if indeed you have any!

Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals1. NO EXERCISE – You can begin to lose weight through dieting (reducing your calories) alone, but the majority of people will not keep the weight off this way. People who dislike exercise are often the ones who attempt a diet only weight loss program. You will find that your weight will plateau early on because you can only reduce your calories so much. Dieting also lowers your metabolism, which makes every next pound harder to lose than the last. Exercise increases metabolism which will make continued weight loss and maintenance easier.

3. WEIGHT LOSS TAKES THE BACKSEAT – I would love to play piano and speak Italian, however I admit that I have not put in what I know is the hard work necessary because I have prioritized other things above these wants. The end result is that I cannot do either. It takes more than wanting something to making it happen, it takes prioritizing. I often see people who are unsuccessful with weight loss constantly putting other life activities as higher priority than weight loss. Healthy behaviors take a backseat to almost anything else that comes up. “I was going to exercise, but I decided to help the neighbor with her garage sale instead.” People who are successful seem to have a “come hell or high water” attitude when it comes to healthy lifestyle—they do it daily no matter what.

7. STRESS – People who are encased in an extremely stressful life that doesn’t allow much or any time for self-care are routinely unsuccessful at weight loss. For many people, losing weight is more about restructuring their life to allow them time to engage in healthy habits than it is about learning what to eat. If you are so overcommitted that you truly cannot find the time to exercise on most days of the week, you may be under too much stress. We only get one life. Make time to take care of yourself.

Click here to view the whole article on Psychology Today

If you read all 10 ways to focus on your weight loss goals, you’ll have also seen that skipping meals and fad diets are featured. I wholeheartedly agree with these points (having done extensive research for an ebook I actually wrote in the men’s fitness niche). Eating 3 large meals a day is not conducive to maintaining a quick metabolism. It’s much better to eat 6 smaller meals closer together so your body doesn’t enter starvation mode and start to store fat.  Steer clear of fad diets – the creators should be shot! (Unless as the author says, it’s down to disease that you have to lose weight fast.)



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