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10 Ways To Focus on Creativity and Insight

This intriguing article from Psychology Today reveals some ways to focus on creativity and insight. Do you often find it hard to trust your gut or make good decisions quickly? The better you know yourself the more insight you will have. This is because insight is all about making decisions according to your natural inclinations and abilities. It is often said that successful people are those that can make decisions quickly without having to ask others for their opinions. They’re able to trust their gut and inclinations and act accordingly. If you don’t feel that you fit into this category then you’ll be pleased to know that there are measures you can take to develop this ability. Carrie Barron, M.D, explains all in these 10 tips from which I’ve excerpted three.

Get Creative

  • Play or listen to music, old and new. This might take you back to a time when you were vital, free, spirited, full of desire and your True Self. Joy and the desire to jump up and dance means a primal or past part of you is emerging.
  • Clean a closet. The removal of clutter can clear the mind and help you uncover what you need to see in your space and in yourself. When you handle sentimental objects and remove junk, you move closer to what matters within.
  • Exercise your body. Take a leisurely walk or engage in a vigorous sport.  An active body gives rise to a receptive, observant, free mind. Ideas and insights surface when your body is moving.

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I love the fact that listening to music was near the top of these 10 ways to focus on creativity and insight. I’m not sure I could live happily without listening to music – it completely lifts my mood in one way or another and can trigger ideas and thus creativity. If you don’t listen to music regularly, start!

Cleaning out the closet and removing junk is also so important, as by doing this you’re decluttering your brain to allow it to function clearly, freely and therefore more creatively. Obviously exercise is featured here; without exercise, I strongly believe that we’re only using a fraction of our brains. Or a fraction of the fraction of our brains that we use to be more precise. If you don’t regularly get blood and oxygen pumping around your brain, your brain is essentially half asleep. Almost every day I read about the importance of exercise for your brain. What do you think? Do share!



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