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10 Ways To Focus in 2014

What Is Your Mission? Need I say it, 2014 is fast approaching. Do you ever feel that the older you get the faster time passes by? I’m certainly feeling like that! This is one reason I believe it’s so important to remain focused towards our new goals, one at a time until we succeed. As we prepare for the New Year, we’ll be thinking about new goals, what we want to achieve, how we’ll achieve them and more importantly, why we want to achieve them. That last point is probably the number one reason why most people fail with their New Year’s resolutions – they focus on the process/obstacles rather than their reason for their desired outcome and how they’ll feel on accomplishing said goal. Take people’s new health and fitness goals for example – people join gyms and commit to going, say 3 times a week and within a few weeks, they’ve lost the will to continue and forget why they committed to that in the first place. When do people succeed with fat loss efforts? When they have something to aim for – a date, like a wedding, or summer holiday. Check out these 10 ways to focus in 2014

10 Ways To Focus In 2014

Create a daily ritual

Your ritual is the foundation of your quest to stay focused. There are no people with a high level of focus who do not purposefully follow a daily routine. It is in following the sleeping patterns you set, establishing when you eat, setting when you have personal time and when you take breaks that you maximize your effort in working towards your goals.

Set 1-2 BIG goals for the year

Setting BIG goals gives you a finish line to run towards, enabling you to ensure that all your daily actions ladder up to these goals in some way. It also allows you to track your progress throughout the year, and evaluate whether or not you have been able to stay focused. Checking on your big goals every 3-4 weeks allows you to effectively measure what you have done, evaluate what needs to be done, and adjust accordingly. This purposeful adjustment will help you stay focused from New Year’s through Christmas.

Create a vision board

A vision board is a collage of pictures and images that represent your goals and dreams. Adding quotes, relevant articles, and souvenirs that relate to your BIG goals allows you to visualize the end clearly, and reinforces those goals as you see them every day. Having a bad or seemingly unproductive day? Look at your vision board to remind you of what you’re working for.

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The daily ritual is possibly one of the most important things. Tony Robbins strongly advises giving yourself an ‘Hour Of Power’ each morning before you even start your day, when you exercise, get grateful for everything you have in your life (as that gets rid of the fear) and to visualise what you want to achieve that day, that week, that month. I’ll be honest, I was doing it in the summer and when the weather turned I lost the will to continue with that. Time to move to somewhere hot!


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