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10 Steps To Successful Goal Setting

If you’re still on the fence trying to decide whether or not you should set yourself goals, then these 10 steps to successful goal setting  should help you appreciate how goal setting will help you focus. Most people in life don’t set themselves goals, and end up coasting through life, living in reactive mode. It’s the norm. When you set goals though, this puts you into proactive mode when you start to take control of your life and steer it in the direction in which you’d like to go. Goals create a destination, from which you can create a road map and action plan.  Without a destination, you’ll have no way of knowing how to get there! Check out these tips from Bradley Foster for the Huffington Post:

Goal Setting For Focus1. Belief. The first step to goal setting is to have absolute belief and faith in the process. If you don’t believe you can absolutely transform your life and get what you want, then you might as well forget about goal setting and do something else. If you are in doubt, look around you. Everything you can see began as a thought. Make your thoughts turn into reality.

2. Visualize what you want. Think of what you deeply desire in your life or where you want your company to be a year from now. What changes have to take place? What do you need to know or learn? What spiritual, emotional, personal, financial, social or physical properties need to be addressed? The clearer you are with each of these dimensions will bring your vision into sharp focus. The clearer you are, the easier it will be to focus on making it happen.

3. Get it down! Writing down your goals is key to success. By writing down your goals, you become a creator. Failure to write down your goals often means you will forget them or won’t focus on them. Have them written down where you can see them every day.

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I love the first of these 10 steps to successful goal setting. Everything surrounding us began as a thought – the buildings, streets, businesses, sports, recreational activities, cars,  furniture, aeroplanes, space shuttles – everything started off as a thought. Whatever we have produced or created in our own lives began in our internal world – as a thought. Knowingly or not, the friendships and relationships we’ve made, the sports we play, musical instruments we play, business connections we’ve made, our working lives – all began in our internal world. Visualisation is an incredibly powerful concept and proven method to help realise goals. Athletes use visualisation to help them win their games. They visualise their desired outcome, as if it’s already happened. They create mental mind movies and conjure up the emotions they’ll experience on realising their outcome. You’ve got to see it, to believe it!



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